Fleet Insurance

This insurance provides protection against loss in the event of an accident, theft, wind-screen damage, third party damage to property or injury based on the type of cover selected.

Features of the Fleet Insurance

  • Comprises of more than 50 vehicles
  • 50% of the Fleet need to be comprehensively insured
  • The Claims ratio needs to be less than 45%

There are three key types of Insurance covers for your Commercial vehicles:

  • Comprehensive motor insurance
  • Third party, fire and theft motor insurance (TPFT)
  • Third party only motor insurance (TPO)

The types of private vehicles covered within the Fleet Insurance include the following:

  • Commercial - General Goods carrying
  • Commercial - 2 wheelers – Motorcycles/Boda Boda
  • Commercial - 3 wheelers – Tuk Tuks/Bajaj
  • Commercial - Trailers and Oil Tankers
  • Commercial - Passenger carrying:
    • Taxis, Private Hire, Tour Operators,
    • Buses (City, Upcountry, Private, School)
  • Special Type – Farm tractors, Forklifts, Graders, Cranes, Excavators

Additional covers

  • Extension of Geographical limits beyond East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Burundi & Rwanda)
  • Increased TPPD Limits
  • Premium reduction on satisfactory Car Tracking device installation
  • Comesa covers

Important Notes

  1. For used and reconditioned vehicles, these must be roadworthy, and having a certificate from an authorized garage supported by evidential proof of photographs
  2. Reconditioned vehicles over 10 years from registration in the country will require additional underwriting.
  3. Reasons for lapses in cover need to be addressed

New Products

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