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Treasury Products

Foreign Exchange Spot Transactions

This product enables you to buy or to sell local, regional and foreign currencies at competitive market rates.

Forward Foreign Contracts

This contract enables you to buy/sell currencies at a pre-determined rate at a specified future date. This helps you to hedge against any currency volatility and safeguard against losses. They can also be customised to allow timing flexibility.

Currency Swap Agreements

This agreement enables the client to tide over temporary mismatches in offsetting currencies. You may also use swap provisions to dictate payment if market rates move beyond a certain level.

Foreign Exchange Options

This option gives you the right, but not the obligation to buy a currency at a pre-determined strike price on a particular date. This is an excellent hedging option, and offers sophisticated clients another alternative to address Foreign Exchange, commodity or interest rate price risks. We offer Risk level solutions that help to marginalise any potential losses arising from highly volatile currency markets by putting your exposure in comfortable bands.

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