Corporate Banking

We solve all your corporate and investment banking needs Get a flexible financial services with the stability and reliability that you would expect from our global capabilities.

Cash Management


Cash Management services offers solutions to help you manage your collection and payment process, freeing up time and resources towards managing and running of your business.

Cash In Transit (CIT) Service

In partnership with a reputable security company, NBC can facilitate ease collection of your cash through the NBC Cash In Transit (CIT) service. The service’s mode of operations involves our security agent coming to your office premises at the pre-agreed time to collect the cash, packed in sealed containers and transporting the consignment to our NBC branch for deposit.

Courier Service - Mail

The service provides a dedicated courier that will collect and deliver the following noncash items to and from the bank on your behalf :- cheques, fund transfer applications for processing, cheque books, entry advices , transaction receipts, bankers cheques, letters to the bank, inward unpaid cheques.

Direct Debit

This service is designed to assist you to collect payments electronically from your customers, hence reducing administration cost and improving your cash flow.

Online Banking Payment Module

  • You will be able to initiate payments online, by submitting payments details and authorization online thus all manual related payments can / will be automated.
  • This will lead to improvement in payment execution Turn Around Time, less paper work and cost effective.

Host to Host

  • This is a system integration channel between your account system such as Oracle, Sun, SAP, Tally etc and our main system FlexCube.
  • You will be able to send payments file direct from your ERP and
  • This enhances your productivity as you focus on your main business goal and Host to host assists with auto-reconciliation.