Corporate Banking

We solve all your corporate and investment banking needs Get a flexible financial services with the stability and reliability that you would expect from our global capabilities.


Online Banking

Online Banking is an electronic banking service whereby you can access various banking services from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. It involves the use of computers connected to Internet facilities.

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is a new mode of payment of salaries electronically through the bank. This is done specifically for employees of organizations or companies.

Bank Assurance Service

NBC Limited also provides Insurance Services in the form of the following Policy types; Fire and Burglary, Motor, Money, Public Liability, Personal Accident, Group Life, Workmen compensation and Marine.

Group Scheme

Group Loan Schemes are loans for private purposes granted by NBC to monthly salaried employees (permanent and contract employees) that have been authorized by their employer.

Visa/MasterCard POS

NBC Limited also provides free of charge Visa/ MasterCard POS machines as a means of payment. NBC Visa/ MasterCard POS machines are fast, easy and safe. Visa / MasterCard POS machines assure you a guaranteed payment on all approved transactions. NBC offers 24 hours merchant support through NBC contact centre for any technical or operational support. To possess this product, fill in the entry form attached with the following:

  • Memorandum.
  • Business License.
  • TIN.

Bank Statement of at least six months or financial projections in case the business is new or Financial Audit Report.

Other Services Offered

  • Money Transfer.
  • Swift money transfers.
  • Bank Drafts.