Corporate Banking

We solve all your corporate and investment banking needs Get a flexible financial services with the stability and reliability that you would expect from our global capabilities.



NBC provides a range of well developed international services and a dedicated team with in depth Trade Finance knowledge and sound experience in International Trade enabling the bank to provide solutions to all your international banking needs. The bank has a good business relationship with reputable and 1st class international banks globally.


NBC can make all kinds of payments and settlements on your behalf within and outside Tanzania i.e. local and cross-border payments through SWIFT, TISS and EFT (our bulk payment systems).

Corporate Internet Banking

This is an electronic banking service which allows your to access and manage your account online conveniently anywhere at anytime from your laptop. This service enables you to perform a number of transactions including

  • Balance inquires
  • Transfer of funds (from own account to other bank accounts)
  • Statements
  • Loan repayments
  • Interest and exchange rates inquiries
  • View and initiate standing instructions

It is secured, faster and cost saving

Letters of credit

Our network branches and correspondent Banks across the globe enable us to issue Letter Of Credit to beneficiaries in virtually all countries worldwide and in all freely convertible currencies. Our Trade sales and operations team provide expertise to guide you on issuance of the letters of credit.

Documentary Credit

A Documentary credit is a conditional guarantee of payment made by a bank (issuing bank) on behalf of an importer (applicant) in favour of an exporter (beneficiary), guaranteeing payment subject to the terms and conditions of the letter of credit being met by the beneficiary. There is Export Documentary credit Finance and Import Documentary Credit Finance.

  • Export documentary credit finance
  • Import documentary credit finance

Bank Guarantees

A binding commitment given by the bank to support your trading activities which may take one of many forms. If your requirements are to issue guarantees overseas, we have a number of branches and correspondent banks spread across the number of countries who offer competitive pricing and quality services.

Post Import Loan (PIL)

Post Import Loans are working capital loans used as short term loans to finance a NBC client’s working capital cycle. The product is structured and limits your financing to a specific stage of your working capital cycle. Post Import Loans can be used to settle other products such as letters of credit. These loans have a variable tenor depending on your payments and collections but do not exceed 360 days.

NBC offers the whole range of Lending products from Overdraft, Term loans both in local and foreign currency. Depending on the size and nature of the timing requirements the bank also participates or arranges syndicated loans for big projects. We pride ourselves with project finance and Commercial Property Finance capabilities.

Invoice Discounting

Customers (Sellers or Suppliers) regularly enter into sales contracts with their customers to supply them with goods / services on specific credit terms. NBC gives you a option of discounting your invoices to NBC for a short term working capital facility hence improves your cash flow position.