Gold Package

Private Banking + Salary + Loan

The NBC Direct Gold customers will be provided with the best services and customized solutions for their banking needs by us
taking our Private Banking Exclusive Services directly to them.

  • No Maintenance Fee on Accounts. (Both Local and Foreign Currencies)
  • No Ledger Fees on Transactional Accounts.
  • Free Balance Inquiry (OTC) & Mini-Statements.
  • Free Over the Counter Transactions. (OTC)
  • Free Cheque Book with Current Account.
  • Free Online, Mobile Banking & ATM Transactions.
  • Free Standing Order Establishment and Amendment.
  • Embedded Accident & Funeral Insurance Cover.

Private Banking Account is an exclusive transactional account bundled with immense offerings for a monthly
membership fee of 50,000

  • Dedicated Private Banking RelationshipManager.
  • Access to exclusive centers for Stress-Free Banking.
  • Better Interest Rates on Savings and Exchange Rates.
  • Discounted Rates on Lending Products.

We offer you the lowest interest rate on loans and a 3% discount

It has been designed to offer increased convenience, increased flexibility and a bundle of services & privileges that will make your experience with NBC even more exceptional. Employers will enjoy easy and convenient payroll processing services with the NBC Direct proposition.

Dedicated Services
A dedicated NBC Direct team and our Private Banking Relationship Managers will ensure both employer and employee enjoy exceptional service.

Tailored Products
Designed to cater to your exclusivity and to ensure you have access to a set of bundled products tailored to your preferences.

Bundled Solutions
A perfect combination of Transaction, Savings, Lending, Insurance & Digital solutions to keep you banking whenever and wherever you are.