Cardless Deposit ATMs

Deposit cash to any NBC account at NBC ATM without using a card

Cardless Deposit ATM

NBC Cardless Deposit ATM service allows you to deposit cash to any NBC account through the ATM without a need of ATM card. The depositor does not have to be an NBC customer. Anyone can deposit cash to their loved one who have an NBC account. NBC customers can still deposit to their own accounts or to their loved ones.

All you need is to know the NBC account number that you want to deposit cash to. Go to NBC ATM at any NBC branch country wide and deposit the money.

Here are some other facts about NBC Cardless Deposit ATM service

  • You can easily ask someone to pay you directly to your NBC account. You no longer have to meet face to face to be paid.
  • You can easily pay for goods or debts to your business partners or friends directly to their NBC accounts.
  • You no longer have to rush or wait for the bank to be opened. You can easily deposit your daily sales cash to your NBC account at any time.
  • You can easily send money to your loved ones anywhere by just depositing to their NBC accounts anytime.
  • The NBC ATMs are accessible and working even after mid night. There is no opening and closing time at the ATMs.
  • It is hassle free.
  • You will instantly get a receipt confirming your deposit.
  • You can easily check your balance on your phone via Mobile Banking or Online Banking services.



Weka fedha kwenye akaunti yoyote ya NBC kupitita ATM zetu za kisasa masaa 24 siku zote.

Kutumia  huduma hii tembelea ATM ya NBC yenye kupokea fedha , chagua huduma bila kadi,

Chagua kuweka fedha kisha fuata maelekezo rahisi mpaka mwisho.