Merchant Services

Key Facts

Merchant Services is the department of NBC Limited that provides customers with Point of Sale (POS) machines and after sales service. The POS accepts VISA cards issued worldwide e.g. hotels, restaurants, tour operators, shops, supermarkets, etc.

The VISA Point of Sale product is ideal for all businesses with clients carrying VISA cards from local or foreign banks. Transactions are authorized and processed on real-time basis reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

NBC Merchant Services offers the following facilities and services that enable merchants to:

  • Accept local and international VISA cards
  • Provide the necessary card acceptance equipment
  • Cater for every possible need of the Corporate and Commercial markets

By accepting card payments your business will benefit by:

  • Offering VISA card holders an easy and convenient way to pay for goods and services
  • Receiving prompt and assured payment. (SUBJECT TO CERTAIN CONDITIONS)
  • Reduced back office administration
  • Reduced levels of cash on premises. (Less risk)
  • Quick conclusion of payment - ensures shorter queues and subsequently happy customers
  • Less frequent visits to the bank for cash deposits
  • Saving on cash deposit fees
  • Real- time payment verification
  • Guaranteed payment on all approved transactions
  • Settlement of all transactions within 3 working days
  • Real-time checking for fraudulent and blacklisted cards
  • Ready reports and reconciliation of sales with bank statement

Credit and Debit cards are known to generate additional sales by providing customers with the freedom to:

  • Buy on impulse
  • Purchase more than what they initially budgeted to spend
  • Effect additional purchases


Target merchants

The merchants can either be:

  • Limited Companies
  • Partnerships ; or
  • Sole Proprietors

Fraud Preventation

NBC Fraud Prevention provides Merchants with all the information required to avoid potential fraud. Furthermore NBC has ensured EMV compliance since August 2008.


NBC Verification Services has a unique authorization process that reduces fraud and provides limited merchant security.


NBC Merchant Services is available to assist with any authorization or point of sale errors experienced.

24 Hours Call Center

The bank will avail merchant Zip Zap machine, as back up to do manual transactions in case of communication or power failure. The merchant is required to do a local call for voice authorization for all manual transactions on our 24 Hours Call Center in Dar Es Salaam or for any assistance on telephone number 022 2128705 or 2123541 or mobile number 0754210984.

Where to Apply

Qualifying Merchants can apply through their NBC Relationship Manager or at the NBC head office.

Contact Us

Merchant Services
NBC Ltd.
3rd Floor, NBC House
Corner of Azikiwe/Samora Streets

Postal Address:

The Manager,
Merchant Services,
P.O.Box 1863,
Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania


Telephone Numbers:

+255 22 2128705; 0754210341; 0767210347; 0767210340; 0767210362

Fax Number:

+255 22 2112367

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