Personal Banking

Your one stop banking solutions for all your personal banking and lending needs.


Savings Account

The NBC Savings account offers you a reliable, safe, convenient and affordable way to save money and earn interest.

Savings accounts are suitable for Individuals, Joint Parties, Trustees, Clubs, NGO’s, SME’s, Religious Bodies and many more.

Currently, NBC offers four types of Savings products to give you a wide range of options and ensure that all your banking needs are met.

Current Account

A current account is an account, which allows account holders to deposit funds and withdraw on demand either by cheque, ATM card, standing order, direct debit or other means allowed by the bank.

A current account is available in TZS, USD, GBP and EUR. Cheque books are only issued for TZS and USD accounts.

Fixed Deposits Account

This is an investment account for a fixed amount made for a specific period of time at a guaranteed fixed rate of interest. The customer is provided with a Time Deposit Certificate and receipt as evidence of deposit.

Time deposits are meant for Individuals, Trustees, Clubs, Associations, Institutions and Corporations.

The minimum deposit is TZS 1000,000.00

Islamic Solutions

Take heed of your faith when banking with an account designed in accordance to Shari’ah law.