Islamic Finance Solutions

Take heed of your faith when banking with an account designed in accordance to Shari’ah law.

Islamic Finance Solutions

Islamic Current Account

Also known as Islamic Cheque Account. With an Islamic Current account, which is Shari’ah Compliant, you are able to transact conveniently with access to NBC’s countrywide branch network, ATM’s and Mobile Banking and NBC Online Banking.

Islamic Savings Account

With this account, a customer can Save money with simplicity, according to Shari’ah Law, and manage their account using NBC’s countrywide branch network, ATM’s and Online and Mobile Banking.

Islamic Affluent Current Account

This is a cheque account operated either in local currency or foreign currency, on which the holder may draw on demand by means of cheques or signed instructions addressed to the bank. This is a transactional account that gives an affluent customer convenient ways to manage regular and day-to-day finances. Funds in the form of cash, cheques and other financial instruments may be credited to the current account.

Islamic Group Personal Finance

This Shari’ah compliant product offers you the flexibility of up to 60 months (5Years) Instalment payment with no deposit. The cost is fixed at the start of the Personal Finance Facility period and never changes. The customer pays the same monthly instalment for the full period of the Finance. This product is designed to respond to the needs of the members of staff of established businesses who seek Shari’ah compliant financing.

Islamic Business Current Account

This is a Shariah Compliant transactional account which is offered to NBC Business customers who seek Shariah compliant solutions for their funds with the transactional facility. The accounts are based on the Qardh principle (An interest-free loan contract whereby repayment is equal to the amount borrowed). The Islamic Business Current account is available in TZS