Group Loans

Group Loan Schemes are loans for private purposes granted to monthly salaried employees (permanent employees only) who have been authorized and guaranteed by their employer (company). The employer needs to be a corporate customer of NBC.


  • Minimum loan repayment is 6 months and maximum repayment is 36 months.
  • Minimum loan amount is TShs. 300,000.00.
  • Repayment is deducted on a monthly basis from the borrowers’ salary by NBC.
  • Interest is calculated monthly based on outstanding loan balance.


  • Cash to meet your needs.
  • Flexibility and convenience in repayment periods and amounts.
  • Installments are minimal and affordable.
  • In case of unforeseen events such as death, there is no debt burden to the borrower’s survivors as insurance takes care of the debt.
  • You have access to the total range of NBC’s products.