Frequently Asked Questions

Key Facts

Online Banking is an electronic banking service whereby you can access various banking services from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. It involves the use of computers connected to Internet facilities.

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What is Online Banking?

Online Banking is a real-time solution that allows you to access your accounts 24 Hours a day, 7 Days A Week, You may check your balances, view your account statements for your various accounts. You can also transfer money between your accounts, change your password over the internet all in a secure manner.

What are the benefits of Online Banking?

Benefits of NBC online banking are

  • Convenient - banking can be performed from the home or office
  • Banking is available 24 hours a day, thus extending banking hours
  • User friendly
  • Transaction records are available on-line and can be printed for proof of payment
  • Statements and account information is immediately available making the reconciliation of financial affairs efficient and easy
  • Statements can be viewed and downloaded in a number of different formats allowing the customer to accommodate bookkeeping packages
  • Customer can load own beneficiaries to assist regular payments
  • Customer can select own limits per transaction for the service

Is NBC online banking safe?

The information you provide is kept strictly confidential. Using the latest electronic encryption technology ensures the secure transfer of information over the internet. However remember to keep your credentials (username and passwords) private. Not keeping these private may allow third parties to access your account.

Getting Started

How do I register for Online Banking?

Download the Channel User Set Up form, fill it in and drop off at your nearest branch. Alternatively, you can also collect and fill it in at your nearest NBC branch

Which accounts can I access through Online Banking?

You are able to access any of your current and savings accounts. Your are also able to access any of your Term Deposit, Loan, and Islamic accounts.

How do I access NBC Online Banking?

Note: If you are a first time user, follow the instructions provided with your initial login credentials.

Please follow the instruction below

  • Visit Our Website: and click on below login button
    Personal Login Button
  • You will be presented with the login page below.
    Login Page
  • Enter your Username and Password and click submit.
    Secret Question Page
  • Enter the One-Time Password and click Next
  • This should take you to At A Glance Page.
    At A Glance

What is necessary to consider when using the mailers?

First make sure that only you have access to your email address. Kindly make sure that you do not share your Username or Secret Code. If it happens you think your email account has been hacked, please contact us on before using either of the two so that you can be assisted more.

What is One-Time Password?

One-time password is a random 6 –digit code that gets to be sent to your mobile number (which is registered in our system during your account opening). If you do not receive your one-time password on the number highlighted on the Verification page, kindly contact us on +255 22 5511000, +255 22 2193000 or +255 768 984000.

How do I ensure that I'm logged into the REAL NBC internet banking website?

Make sure that the web address on your internet browser's address bar starts with

Address Bar

Can anyone else access my accounts?

No, nobody can access your account unless you give them your login credentials (Username, password and Secret code).

What do I do if I forget my username and password?

Go to your nearest branch and request to reset your password.


Account Services

  • Account Summary: Provides a quick high level view of your accounts
  • Account Activity: Lets you query account activity. The user manual provides details guidance
  • Account Details: The details of current and savings, loan and term deposit accounts are displayed. Current and savings account details include balances, interest amounts and uncleared funds. For Term Deposit accounts, deposit number, tenure, principal, interest particulars, maturity particulars and tax applied are displayed. The loan account details include installment, interest, principal and loan amount particulars.
  • Adhoc Statment Request: This option allows you to place a request for a bank statement for a specific period through the Internet. He/she needs to specify the account and the months and year for which the statement is required.
  • Uncleared Funds: Uncleared Funds provides details about cheques deposited in the current and savings accounts held by you, which have not yet been cleared. It also displays the details of the cheques that have been returned in the last thirty days.
  • Cheque Book Request: You can place a request for a new cheque book by specifying the account number.
  • Cheque Status Inuiry: Find out the status of cheques issued from the current and savings accounts held by you using the Cheque Status Inquiry option.
  • Stop Cheque Request: You can place a request to stop a previously issued Cheque.

Payments and Transfers

  • Payee Maintence
  • Transfer Between Your Accounts
  • Local Payment Transfer: Allows you to transfer the funds from one of your current and savings account to another customer's account outside the bank. The transfer amount is always specified in the Local account currency.
  • View Local Payment Transfer: Displays the local payment transactions you have done
  • Add Standing Instruction: Adding an SI mechanizes the process of executing transfers between the current, savings and loan accounts periodically. The bank will automatically execute the transfers as and when specified in the SI.
  • Modify Standing Instruction: You can modify the following information for an existing SI: Transfer Amount, SI Execution Frequency, SI Priority, Next Execution Date, Final Execution Date and Narrative.
  • View Standing Instruction: This facility embodies a search facility that enables you to search for SIs based on specific criteria.
  • Delete Standing Instruction: This facility enables you to delete a redundant SI. You can locate an existing standing instruction by using the search provision. The system will retrieve the existing details of the SI for verification. Upon verification the SI can be deleted.

Term Deposits


  • Loan Account Details: This facility enables you to view loan account details.
  • Loan Account Activity: This facility enables you to see the transactions carried out in the loan account since loan disbursement. You can view the statement for a current period, or a period specified by him/her.
  • Loan Repayment: This facility enables you to make payemnt for a loan account.
  • Loan Settlement: This facility enables to close your loan acccount by paying the full settlement amount.

Customer Services

  • Forex Rates Inquiry: You can obtain indicative exchange rates from the bank of a particular currency against the local currency.
  • Interest Rates Inquiry: You can view this section to inquire about current interest rate for current and savings accounts and term deposit accounts.
  • Change Password: This option allows you to change the login password or the transaction password/transaction PIN (if transaction password is enabled). The screen also displays the conditions to be met while selecting a new password/PIN.
  • Change Secret Question/Answer: You can change your choice of three secret question/answer set anytime by selecting this option.
  • Mailbox: The Online banking system provides an electronic mailing facility whereby you can exchange messages with the bank. To send or receive messages, click Mailbox under Services in the menu. The Inbox section is displayed by default on the messages page.
  • Session Summary Report: This report lists the functions that you have accessed during a session along with the date and time of access. This report can be accessed at the time of logging out as also during a session.
  • Bulletins: The Bulletins facility enables you to see the messages broadcasted by the bank. You can view the posted messages but cannot post any messages yourself.

How can I view and print account statements?

Click Account activity, then select the period of the statement you want to view this can be by either selecting the default period present or by putting the specified period as you wish, then click GO

You may opt to view it by PDF and print it or you may view by EXCEL and use through other accounting issues.

How do I transfer money from my account to other NBC accounts?

Please follow the below instructions Click Payment and Transfer

  1. At left click Transfer to NBC Tanzanian customer
  2. Select new beneficiary and fill in the destination details.
  3. Click transfer
  4. Confirm the name and account
  5. Put the Transaction PIN only once.
  6. You will then receive the transfer receipt and balance after transferring that amount of money

How do I transfer funds from my account to non NBC bank accounts?

Currently there is no option allowing you to transfer fund to other users apart from NBC customers. But as soon as that facility will be activated you will all be notified to start using multi banking transactions online.

Common Issues

When I click the padlock icon in the internet browser address bar I receieve the following message "This certificate has failed to verify for all of its intended purposes."?

The connection is secure. Microsoft has the following comments about the error message:

This can occur if Internet explorer interprets a specific object ID in the contents of some Server Gated cryptography (SCG) certificates.

This affects only the user interface; Internet explorer still communicates using the secure connection. If you click the certificate Path tab in the dialog box, you will see the message."This certificate is "OK" in the Certificate Status box.

For more information visit the Microsoft or VeriSign sites:

What should I do when I receive an error message "invalid user id/ password"? Or user authenification failed?

Make sure the username and password are correct. If you receive this message three times your account will automatically be locked for security reasons. For further assistance e-mail

What should I do when I receive an error message user authentication failed account locked?

Your account has been locked for security reasons. For further assistance e-mail

What do I do if my PIN is locked?

There is no option to unlock the transaction pin for security reasons. For further assistance visit your nearest branch and request a password reset. Remember to specify a transaction pin reset on the form they provide.

I don't remember my login password, transaction password and secret question what do I do?

Refer to "What do I do if I forget my username and password?" in the Security section of this FAQ.

The session terminated while answering secret question. What can I do?

Make sure you are using Internet Explorer version 6 or above. E-mail if the problem persists.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can transfer in a day?

There is no funds transfer limit for online banking retail users.

How do I change my daily transaction limit?

Visit your nearest branch for more assistance.

Using online banking with IE 9 and above

Please see guide.