What we Offer

Key Facts

  1. Well designed banking services with access to a range of products tailored to suite your unique needs. 
  2. Unique recognition in all NBC Branches. 
  3. Dedicated relationship management and personalised service through Relationship Managers and Personal Bankers.
  4. Visa and MasterCard Debit Cards which can be used at all NBC ATMs, and Point of Sale (POS) terminals, local and international ATMs that accept them. 
  5. Dedicated high Priority Internal Processes; Service across Branch Network and supporting units. 
  6. Networking opportunities through social events organised by NBC or NBC in collaboration with selected partners. 
  7. A wide variety of services which includes free banking whereby you will not pay account maintenance fee, ledger fee, et cetera. .

Products and Services

Products and Services


Debit Card Internationally accepted Visa and MasterCard Debit Cards
Personal Accounts Savings Accounts (Preferential interest rates)
Fixed Deposits (Preferential interest rates)
Affluent Current Accounts
Foreign Currency Accounts
Loans Cash Backed Overdraft
Personal Loan (Unsecured)
Channels Affluent Suite
Priority service from all NBC Branches
Online Banking
Mobile Banking
Contact centre
Pricing Differentiated Product Pricing
Free services
Insurance Embedded Insurance Benefits (Free premium + higher cover)
Vehicle Insurance (Preferential rate)
House/Fire Insurance (Preferential rate)


For full details on Private Banking Tariffs please view our Tariff Guide



Private Banking Benefits


  • Dedicated relationship management.
  • Exclusive center for elite banking.
  • Convenient banking via email or phone.


  • Higher interest rates on savings and term deposits.
  • Cash secured overdraft at competitive rates.
  • Preferential negotiated rates on foreign currency exchange.


  • No maintenance fee on accounts. (Both foreign and local currency)
  • No ledger fees on accounts.
  • Free first debit card (Visa or MasterCard).
  • Free monthly bank statement and balance enquiry
  • Free over the counter transactions.
  • Free cheque book.
  • Higher interest rates on term deposits and savings accounts.
  • Free online/mobile banking and ATM transactions.
  • Free standing order establishment and amendment.
  • Rewarding insurance for accident and funeral cover.
  • No withdraw fee for both local and foreign currency. 

For full details on Private Banking Tariffs please view our Tariff Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are Affluent Customers?
    These are the high net worth customers in retail banking with unique retail product needs and wants. Their relationship with the bank can be of liability or assets accounts.  
  1. Why should I come to NBC and not elsewhere?
  • NBC is a brand that customers can trust : Vast experience by having being a player in the market for the past 45 years plus .Also being a part of big global brands of Absa and Barclays 
  • Capacity - infrastructure, size, human & financial resources (structure of balance sheet), ATM, branch footprint & e-channel, real time online system.
  • Fast tracked processes
  • Excellent customer service.
  1. How do I subscribe to NBC Private Banking services?
    To subscribe a customer will need to just submit relevant documents and fill in a simple form.

    You can visit our Private Banking Suite, Ground Floor, Coco Plaza, Toure Drive, Masaki, or any of the nearest NBC Branch. You can also call us through telephone number +255768984000 or email us on privatebanking@nbctz.com.